For Your Complexion — Skin Benefits

As evidenced by renowned dermatologist Dr. David Cogburn’s endorsement, the germ-killing performance of Beacon’s Safe Haven Linens™ are particularly effective against bacteria-borne skin conditions including acne, eczema, and other common problems.

Consider the benefits of a pillow case that kills bacteria that are known to cause infections.  Imagine your face on a pillow case, or for that matter, resting your body on a complete linen set, that’s “always on” effectively killing acne-causing bacteria.

In fact, we have received more positive customer feedback on the skin-improving benefits of our Safe Haven Linens™ than for any other use.  Beacon’s Safe Haven Linens™ are finished for comfort, come in all sizes and are guaranteed to stay on your mattress using our patented Beacon Pocket™ cornering system.

Endorsement from Dr. David Cogburn, MD, FAAD

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