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Keeping our son safe and healthy

When we found out our son would need chemotherapy to treat a mass near his brain, we wanted to do everything we could to keep him safe and healthy. A friend referred us to Beacon Linens Safe Haven sheet sets. Once we read how these linens would help protect our son and kill germs we knew we had to give them a try. We were truly surprised to see how comfortable and durable the sheets were. Even when his siblings are getting sick with colds, sore throats, etc. he is avoiding illness. We are very happy with this product and will be buying all of our kids Safe Haven sheets for their beds.

Ken K.

The skin on his head has never looked so good

A friend of mine has a little boy who has constant MRCA breakouts on his head.  He would get a breakout about every weeks which, of  course, would have to be treated with antibiotics which he hated.  I gave her a set of your Beacon Safe Haven pillowcases.  He has only had one breakout-because he went to the beach for a week and forgot his pillowcase!  The skin on his head has never looked so good and my friend is so grateful.  She would like to take his pillowcase to his doctor.

Sammantha B.

Do I think it’s working?  Yes!!

I have an adult friend who suffers terribly with acne.  She got a Beacon Safe Haven pillowcase. Since using it she said, “I love that pillow slip.  I wash it once a week and it is holding up good!  I have acne rosacea, but I haven’t noticed any redness in a long time.  I do get spots, but they have not turned into the puss acne that requires me to take antibiotics.  Do I think it’s working?  Yes!!”


I have never seen my skin this clear….Amazing!

I am a critical care nurse with nearly 2 decades of experience.  Colloidal silver cream has been used in patients for decades to prevent infection in open wound such as burns.  So I knew that silver could defeat bacteria.  I did not know how well Safe Haven products were going to work for me.

At 48 years old, I have struggled with acne all my life.  The sad but unexaggerated truth is that I have almost never had clear skin.  Believe me, I’ve tried everything out there.

I have been sleeping on Beacon Safe Haven pillowcases for 20 nights.  I have not had one new acne break out.  Not one.  I have never seen my skin this clear for this many days in a row.

It really is a thrilling feeling to look at myself in the mirror in the morning and see clear skin consistently.  Amazing!

I am recommending this product to everyone I know.

Laurel Y

I believe in your product!

I had a massive case of shingles.  One week after using Beacon Safe Haven products, I never got any blistering and the redness began to disappear.  I believe in your product!

Thank you.

Gail S.


Beacon Safe Haven™ products would be ideal for patients with bedsores, psoriasis, eczema, external shingles rash, and other skin irritations.

David Cogburn, MD, FAAD

Simply amazing…

I contracted shingles this spring.  There was severe burning and itching from the lower center of my stomach to the center of my back on the left side.  The pain was most severe at night when I was horizontal.  Sleep in bed was impossible.  In a couple of days, I found that I could get some sleep sitting/lying in my recliner chair, but not much.  I was about 10 days into this situation when I got the Beacon Safe Haven product. The pain and itching dissipated and soon was gone.  Within about 2 weeks, NO shingles!  This amazing material should be a deterrent to many skin conditions.

Rod H.

It is a winner!

It was unbelievable!  My teenage daughter had some hormonal skin issues beginning.  I purchased your pillowcases and within a week of using the pillowcase, her face was clearing up.  We will use this product for sure, it is a winner!

Susie J.

Love these products!

My daughter has been using these products for the last year for “change of life” skin issues and had great results.  I just purchased some pillowcases for my granddaughter to use and take to college next year.  Love these products!

Sherry L.

Thank you soooo much for developing these sheets

The sheets are wonderful.  They wash up beautifully.  But, the best part of all, is that my skin, no matter how negligent I am in my skin care regime, my skin stays totally clear.  Even at my current level of stress, I don’t have a problem.  Thank you soooo much for developing these sheets.

Mae D

“My goodness, look at his face!”

Our son is 14 years old in the midst of acne stage.  His mom tried several different face wash treatments, but he still had quite a bit of acne, not serious, but enough to notice.  He started using the pillowcase early in the week.  His mom leaves very early for work.  Saturday our son came down stairs and his mom said “my goodness, look at his face!”  It wasn’t completely clear, but it was much improved!  Now he goes to the laundry room to find his washed pillowcase.  He is at the age when boys and girls notice each other!

Kelly W.

Endorsement from T. Marcus Barnett MD

Dear Tedd,

I’ve never given a product endorsement like this before, but I’m making this exception for the following reasons:

I put artificial joints in people. They are made of metal and plastic and because they are foreign to the body and require a surgical procedure, they can get infected. It happens more often than my peers and I care to think about. Of course, it’s a problem throughout healthcare and our profession is certainly not immune to it.

T. Marcus Barnett MD

The best product improvement to a fitted sheet

“This Beacon Pocket™ is the best product improvement (to a fitted sheet) that I have seen in the years I have been in this business.”

for a top 5 retailer

I am both excited and pleased to endorse Safe Haven Linens™

I am both excited and pleased to endorse Beacon Linen’s new Safe Haven Linens powered by PurThread Technology.

Imagine pillowcases and linens which are resistant to microbial colonization with absolutely no reduction in the effectiveness even after 100 washings!

David Cogburn, MD, FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist

I highly recommend these Beacon Linens sheets to everyone!

“I purchased an adjustable bed for medical problems and found that my sheets kept popping off the bed corners. My nephew, who is in the bedding business, recommended the Beacon Pocket™ sheets. I found putting the sheets on was very easy and when I adjusted the top of the bed, the sheets stayed on! I was ecstatic and called my nephew to tell him about how they worked perfectly. I highly recommend these Beacon Linens sheets to everyone!”

Sister Anne
Brick NJ

One of the most innovative products I’ve seen!

“With the focus on quality and patient satisfaction, the Beacon Pocket™ sheets fit and stay on while having a great feel and truly quality performance to help a facility move in the right direction. No doubt this is one of the most innovative products I’ve seen!”

Gen. Mgr.
Cooperative Laundry

The best fitted hospital sheets we’ve ever tried

“The sheets from Beacon linens are the best fitted hospital sheets we’ve ever tried. Feels like Egyptian cotton but made out of new age polyester micro fiber. They fit and stay on and feel like like our sheets at home!”

Ga. Nurse

Comfortable and Luxurious

“we’re proud to recommend the Beacon Linens sheets. They are so comfortable and luxurious and now our guests/residents can sleep on the same comfortable sheets they used at home!

They will also outlast any sheets you have ever used!……”

Frances M.
Executive Director North Carolina Assisted Living Association